About us

FAB 2 Warriors Sickle Cell Limited (aka Fab2) is a UK registered international non-profit organisation committed to tackling issues around sickle cell disease. We create awareness about the disease, its causes and prevention; support sufferers, their families and carers to manage the condition, as well as enhance quality of life and prevent early deaths.

The aim of our organisation is to improve quality of life of sickle cell sufferers and prevent or significantly reduce new cases of  sufferers.  Our objectives are to undertake preventive action and medical intervention, as well as provide relief and succour or support to sufferers, their families and carers.  This includes providing medical resources, medicines, equipment and facilities; providing recreational facilities and activities, as well as undertaking preventative work through public education and awareness campaigns.

We engage in various humanitarian projects to improve the quality of life of sufferers, increase life expectancy and prevent early deaths.

As an international organisation, Fab2 works across the UK and different parts of the world, to make a difference and bring about positive changes to lives and families. We have been working with various communities in the UK and Kenya in the past 5 years, tackling sickle cell issues and providing relief and support to sufferers and their carers as well as undertaking various interventionist and prevention works.  We engage in public education and provide needed medical supplies to sufferers.

We are inspired by the difference we make in people’s lives and the smiles we bring to their faces.